"traditional gender roles" tradução em português


"traditional gender roles" em português

traditional gender roles
  • papéis tradicionais de gênero

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Traditional gender roles also establish who must perpetrate and who must suffer.
Traditional gender roles are the reason, they say.
Traditional gender roles presented household income from a perspective where women were expected to mind the home and the children.
I also liked his fascination with the pirate customs, particularly their eschewing of traditional gender roles.
It also serves a powerful bit of social engineering when it comes to pushing the boundaries of traditional gender roles.
I'm referring to those people who adhere to traditional gender roles for men and women in relationships.
Qatari women are active in business and higher education but face pressure to conform to traditional gender roles.
But women's willingness to be flexible with traditional gender roles is now allowing them to pull ahead.
The millennials are less confined by traditional gender roles and conventional norms.
His unlikely rise to the top occurs because he gets dominated by the actress, upending traditional gender roles.

Exemplos de uso para "traditional gender roles" em português

EnglishThere was the challenge to traditional gender roles in paragraph 13 and, in paragraph 14, something approaching a hatred of new images on the internet.
Convidava-se a pôr em causa os papéis tradicionais atribuídos a cada sexo no n.º 13 e, no n.º 14, algo próximo do ódio por novas imagens na Internet.

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