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"thorough grounding in" em português

thorough grounding in
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Exemplos de uso para "thorough grounding in" em inglês

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And woe betide anyone who wanders into its big screen version without a thorough grounding in the show.
He said children needed to be given a thorough grounding in "where countries are".
His excellence as a teacher rested on a thorough grounding in philosophy.
It is vital we continue to raise standards so all children leave primary school with a thorough grounding in reading, writing and maths and can thrive at secondary school.
It should not only be theoretical but have a thorough grounding in practical policy matters in order to actually contribute to the prevention of future atrocities.
Malcolm helped him out in this predicament and went onto provide him with a thorough grounding in the conductor's art.
Many teachers and scientists across the country are concerned that experimental and investigative work in school science is failing to produce students with a thorough grounding in practical laboratory skills.
We need to stop the rush to calculus and focus instead on a thorough grounding in algebra, geometry and functions.
What everyone needs is a thorough grounding in the humanities to inculcate reverence for human life, harmony with the ecology and a profound social concern.
You will obtain a thorough grounding in engineering sciences and skills, including intermediate to advanced computer-assisted design and manufacturing, as used in the industry.

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grounding substantivo
in preposição
in adjetivo
thorough adjetivo