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"thick gloves" em português

thick gloves
  • luvas grossas

Exemplos de uso para "thick gloves" em inglês

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She admits having had to work in an eye mask, breathing mask and thick gloves, out of fear of donors' hygiene habits.
So much so, in fact, that it can be used when wet and with thick gloves on - and it works.
The original combination of oversized crown and frontal pushers enables pilots without any obstacle to set the time or use the chronograph function even when wearing their thick gloves.
Gone are the heavy jacket and thick gloves that shielded his torso and hands.
Good hotels will provide big, warm coats so check before you go, but take warm boots, plenty of thermal layers, thick gloves and a hat.
Wear thick gloves and protective boots to protect against frostbite.
Don't wear thick gloves that get sweaty, you want to have a good grip on the handle.
When you think of a scientist, typically you would imagine someone dressed up in a lab-coat, maybe a pair of thick gloves or goggles.
A wild animal can sometimes bite or peck so protect yourself first by wearing thick gloves or towel.

Exemplos de uso para "thick gloves" em português

EnglishAnd you may notice they're wearing very thick gloves.
E podem reparar que eles estão a usar luvas grossas.

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