"terrace garden" tradução em português


"terrace garden" em português

terrace garden
  • terraço jardim
  • jardim terraço

Exemplos de uso para "terrace garden" em inglês

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As the space surrounding the house was too limited for adding a dash of green; the family was particular about having a terrace garden.
For those looking at collecting medicinal plants for a terrace garden, this would be an ideal destination.
Rooms are separated by a cute bathroom and the double bedroom has a half-glazed door leading to a terrace garden.
We are also in the process of developing a terrace garden.
You need not have to depend on what's available in the market when you have a terrace garden.
As he tends the terrace garden, we share our dreams and thoughts.
House-made syrups are infused with herbs from the terrace garden.
However, as they stay in a rented home, they had to convince their landlord for the terrace garden, who readily agreed.
This approach extends to his cabin; he likes it for "its peace and quiet", not for its spectacular view or the terrace garden.
The serene surroundings can be soaked in from the terrace garden after climbing the 100-year-old staircase.

Traduções parecidas para terrace garden em Português

garden substantivo
garden adjetivo
terrace substantivo
vegetable garden substantivo
kitchen garden substantivo
botanical garden substantivo
zoological garden substantivo
to turn into a garden verbo
vegatable garden substantivo
beer garden substantivo
flower garden substantivo
formal garden substantivo
herb garden substantivo
patio garden substantivo
roof garden substantivo
winter garden substantivo