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tear glands
  • glândulas lacrimais
  • glândulas rasgas

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Dry eyes can also occur as a result of autoimmune conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, where tear glands become inflamed.
The changes in the composition of the patient's blood due to diabetes can affect tear glands adversely, causing dry eye syndrome.
Tear glands produce tears to dilute and flush out the irritant and hence our eyes water as we cut or eat raw onion.
Normally your eyes tear at a slow and steady rate to maintain lubrication, but when foreign matter invades, some tear glands ramp up their output, which forms discharge.
And he reportedly did not have tear glands -- in other words, literally couldn't cry.
He eventually lost his tear glands in the process and is now placed on permanent steroids (lubrication of eyes).
Researchers believe this is because women are biologically wired to shed more tears than men, since female tear glands are much smaller than men's.
Aging weakens the tear glands, resulting in the insufficient production of tear fluids.
It affects the tear glands in the eyes (glands that help to keep the eyes moist) and leads to loss of vision.
If the tear glands produce a lower quantity of tears it can create dry spots on the surface of the eyes, resulting in dry eye syndrome.

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