"sweeping generalization" tradução em português


"sweeping generalization" em português

sweeping generalization
  • generalização arrebatadora
  • generalização varrendo

Exemplos de uso para "sweeping generalization" em inglês

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But that's a sweeping generalization, data averaged out across the masses.
I understand it's intended to promote and sell your magazine based on a sweeping generalization.
Instead of looking for indicators of nefarious behavior, you have a sweeping generalization.
So logically, there is an issue, but blaming somebody for a problem being addressed makes it a sweeping generalization.
While it may come off as such, this is not a sweeping generalization.
I think this is a sweeping generalization that mostly misses the mark.
It is a sweeping generalization that attempts to classify an entire group of people as being identical, when we are clearly not.
Socrates' point has rather a sweeping generalization in it: one learns from anyone or anywhere.

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