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"susceptibility gene" em português

susceptibility gene
  • gene de susceptibilidade
  • gene de suscetibilidade

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All were tested for the macular degeneration susceptibility genes.
I was part of one of two teams that found a major clue leading to the identification of the most important susceptibility gene.
Moreover, a network analysis suggested a functional relationship between five of the susceptibility genes, suggesting that they may relate to the same biological pathway.
Ongoing genetic research has already identified a few susceptibility genes.
The authors conclude that, in order to identify susceptibility genes, strong clinical characterization of familial pancreatic cases will be essential.
A breast cancer susceptibility gene turned out to be a protein that's involved in homologous recombination (allowing a broken chromosome to find a partner).
It just means their increased risk because they carry this susceptibility gene is no longer there.
In the same way that we think about heart disease, cancer, obesity as having multiple "susceptibility genes", the same is probably true for depression.
Recently, she identified a prostate cancer susceptibility gene.

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