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"surface gravity" em português

surface gravity
  • gravidade da superfície

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Knowing the surface gravity of a star is essentially knowing how much you would weigh on that star.
Knowing the surface gravity of a star is knowing how much you would weigh on that star.
To determine the accuracy of the flicker method, they used it to calculate the surface gravity of stars that have been analyzed using asteroseismology.
Using the improved figures for the surface gravity of the host stars calculated by the new method should cut these uncertainties at least in half.
There are three traditional methods for estimating a star's surface gravity: photometric, spectroscopic and asteroseismic.
These vibrations are closely connected to the star's surface gravity, which means the timescale technique can lead to more precise results than existing methods.
Researchers showed variations on a timescale of hours in a star's brightness are associated with its surface gravity.
This distribution is linked to its surface gravity, temperature and chemical composition.
Depending on its diameter, that could mean surface gravity notably greater than what we're used to: things weigh more, rain falls faster, landscapes are sculpted with a heavier hand.
On stars with high surface gravity, the granulation is finer and flickers at a higher frequency.

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