"subject groups" tradução em português


"subject groups" em português

subject groups
  • grupos de assuntos
  • grupos de sujeitos

Exemplos de uso para "subject groups" em inglês

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The real-life game will subject groups of 15 survivors to over three hours of tense, nerve-wracking survival horror.
He astutely appointed senior military staff members to govern subject groups according to a policy allowing them to keep local customs and religions.
Once you've been to a session, follow up with reading, trying things out in your classroom and joining subject groups.
Students must choose their study from six different subject groups, ensuring they are well-rounded in their knowledge.
The five experiments varied in subject groups and questions asked, yet they shared commonalities, including a combination of men and women involved in long-term relationships.
Thus schools will have gone from a situation where any qualification under the sun counted to one where only five subject groups matter.
And it's a similar story across other subject groups as well.

Exemplos de uso para "subject groups" em português

EnglishAs the Rules of Procedure unnecessarily delayed this, I have joined my motion to those tabled in this sitting on the same subject by other groups.
Tendo as regras de procedimento provocado o seu atraso inutilmente, juntei a minha proposta às apresentadas neste período de sessões por outros grupos relativamente ao mesmo assunto.
EnglishIt is vitally important that people who sit on expert groups are subject to a procedure and that sanctions can be imposed on them if they make incorrect statements.
É de uma importância vital que as pessoas com assento nos grupos de peritos sejam sujeitas a um processo de escrutínio e que possam ser alvo de sanções se fizerem declarações inexactas.

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