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"household garbage" em português

household garbage
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Meanwhile, the smoky, subterranean inferno continues to chew its way through untold numbers of bags of household garbage.
The company has acquired the distinction of manufacturing various types of waste bin wheels for easy disposal of household garbage.
The facility is expected to process over up to 300,000 tonnes of household garbage, and 100,000 tonnes of industrial waste per year.
For example, the extra haul days are not for household garbage.
Shuniah is proposing the landfill -- which currently only accepts wood waste from area sawmills -- be used as a depository for household garbage.
There are containers for plastic bags, but this is not for regular household garbage or larger items.
Household garbage was tossed behind tenements and roads were lined with animal carcasses and ashes.
Recyclables, organic waste and normal household garbage should be put in the regular collection bins.
People are also encouraged to segregate household garbage into dry and wet waste.
And we also have to now contend with household garbage carelessly thrown on the roads.

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