"hot gossip" tradução em português


"hot gossip" em português

hot gossip
  • fofoca quente
  • fofocas quentes

Exemplos de uso para "hot gossip" em inglês

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I just wanted to bring back spirited conversations, whether it's the hottest gossip or political events.
There is nothing quite so gripping as a message from a friend telling you she has hot gossip about a powerful person.
They know where the cheapest accommodation is, where the most delicious balbacua is waiting to be savored, the thrill at night, and the hottest gossip in town.
Standing outside and talking, we make use of the endless wait in queues with hot gossip and moderate discussions.
This is one of the hottest gossips that are making rounds in film nagar.
And do stay tuned to this space for more hot gossips!
Stay tuned to this space for hot gossips and latest updates.
Celebrities from all walks of life descended on the picturesque venue where they sipped delicious cocktails and champagne while indulging in the latest hot gossip.

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