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hot gas
  • gás quente

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According to the team, the evidence suggests they are observing the hot gas that shrouds a very young planet.
In addition, the data reveal that theorists don't have the right model to explain the hot gas that surrounds massive clusters of galaxies.
A large amount of previous data has shown material falling towards and onto black holes, but none with this clear a signature of hot gas.
The cluster's shell of hot gas, two large, bright spots and columns of gas resembled the creature.
Farrell's team detected blue light from hot gas in the accretion disk swirling around the black hole.
And it is sourced freely from the sun, wind, sea waves, or hot gas underground.
The cooling of hot gas might be a much more important source of stars than previously thought.
It is overlaid with false-color maps showing concentrations of starlight (orange), hot gas (green) and mass (blue).
These pale whiskers represent hot gas outlining the magnetic field lines connecting the two sunspots.
The hot gas can not flow through a galaxy as if it were empty space.

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gas substantivo
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