"hospital gown" tradução em português


"hospital gown" em português

hospital gown
  • vestido hospitalar
  • vestido de hospital

Exemplos de uso para "hospital gown" em inglês

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A barefoot man in a hospital gown, perhaps brandishing two pairs of scissors.
He had no wallet, no shoes, he was dressed in a hospital gown.
I had a white coat on; they had a hospital gown.
In another photograph, her knees poke out of a hospital gown.
One captures a woman turning in a ballot in a hospital gown; she had given birth then voted -- onthe same day.
Pritchard said he saw a middle-aged man, about 5-foot-8 with dark hair and wearing a blue shirt that looked like a hospital gown.
The video shows him speaking from a wheelchair and wearing a hospital gown.
After he was treated for his cuts, the suspect, dressed in a hospital gown and handcuffed, was returned to the police station.
He was dressed in a hospital gown and armed with two pairs of scissors.

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