"horse graze" tradução em português


"horse graze" em português

horse graze
  • pastagem de cavalo
  • cavalo pastar

Exemplos de uso para "horse graze" em inglês

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Instead, a handful of horses grazed peacefully on fields that have remained untouched since this time last year.
When they arrived, horses grazed across the road.
There's usually a white horse grazing by the pool.
The remote home sits amongst large fields on all sides, some with horses grazing, and is surrounded by high trees.
Wild horses grazed in the tall grass along the shore.
It bought the site used for horse grazing in 2006 and had it rezoned for industrial use in 2009.
Herds of semiwild horses graze and chickens happily peck about in the rich volcanic soil.
While the seeds may not be directly palatable, horses grazing on poor quality pasture may ingest considerable numbers of them.
Some unusual ingredients also turned up on dishes at restaurants abroad including hay, which horses graze on.
We have been passing thousands of chakorams of farmland where we saw cattle, sheep and horses grazing freely.

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