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"honour guard" em português

honour guard
  • guarda de honra

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An honour guard of uniformed law enforcement officers stood in front of the church as pallbearers carried the casket in.
Others remain rigid, to be shouldered by an honour guard of pall-bearing comrades.
The department is working to arrange an honour guard of firefighters and vehicles for his funeral service, though those details are still being worked out.
They were carried by an honour guard of their comrades.
Muscedere said a "farewell" memorial service is held and "everything stops at hospice," as staff and volunteers gather to stand as an honour guard.
Pallbearers are carry his casket as local chefs wearing their white uniforms formed an honour guard.
Thayer was invited to the convention to serve in an honour guard, he explained.
Adam will participate in the honour guard and sign autographs on the concourse during the second intermission.
Kate smiled and the couple applauded as the honour guard and band left the ground.
The coffin was carried by an honour guard and loaded onto a hearse to the sound of sombre music from a military band.

Exemplos de uso para "honour guard" em português

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