"home garden" tradução em português


"home garden" em português

home garden
  • jardim de casa
home gardener
  • jardineiro doméstico
  • jardineiro casa

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Courgettes are one of the most prolific crops in the home garden.
In the home garden, currants take up relatively little space, especially if grown in pots or as standards or hedges, and are long-lived.
These are the four that stand out - all of which can be grown in the home garden.
You come to know about the latest varieties of ornamental plants as well as the edible crops that could be grown in the home garden.
If grown in a home garden, the shrub can be pruned to a controlled shape, as is done with apple trees.
Its quick growth is a plus point for beginners in a home garden.
What cucumbers have you successfully grown in your home garden?
The risks and costs of compromise for the drilling operation are far greater than those of the home garden watering system.
Lady bugs are available for purchase for home garden use.
The original plant stock came from a bag of offcuts he brought from his home garden five years ago.
All of these benefits result in increased vegetable yields for the home gardener.
Happily, it is one of the most easy vegetables to grow for the home gardener.
Popovich is the first to admit he has advantages over the home gardener.
So you don't have to pick the fruit and use it all at once, which makes a citrus tree an ideal choice for the home gardener.
Tupare offers plenty of inspiration for the home gardener.
We know the benefits of hydroponic gardening, aquaponics and vermicomposting, and how practices like these can help the home gardener grow more food efficiently.
They concentrate on varieties for the home gardener rather than the commercial grower.
The home gardener will have few or none of their problems.

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