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"holiday gathering" em português

holiday gathering
  • reunião de férias

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If you're planning a holiday gathering, it can be quite nice to abandon traditional fare for a change.
One thing a chef with a tiny kitchen fears is a holiday gathering.
There is enough to worry about when planning for a holiday gathering - from food preparations, to family visiting from out of town; don't let your decor stress you out!
Depending on the size of your holiday gathering, you may want to offer a variety of appetizers and perhaps serve them buffet-style.
It was like traditional holiday gathering, when small family groups would sing together at home.
It's also a great hostess gift, as well as the finishing touch to complete any holiday gathering.
So, here are my best tips on how to slow down and bring more meaning to your holiday gathering this year.
It's an absolutely stunning place to enjoy your next holiday gathering!
The victims were part of a holiday gathering of 80 employees.
A lively and lovely holiday gathering is expected.

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