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"hockey goalie" em português

hockey goalie
  • goleiro de hóquei

Exemplos de uso para "hockey goalie" em inglês

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Busta might have wanted to ask for a helmet -- or a hockey goalie's jockstrap -- at that point.
Its fat legs and outstretched arms make it look a little like a hockey goalie, and the head has a hint of a smile.
The description for one man probably won't help -- he was wearing a hockey goalie's uniform.
Why doesn't the fattest man in the world become a hockey goalie?
I was a field hockey goalie back in the dark ages and had much more fun in the games where my team lost.
If you're going to pay your starting quarterback a $1,000 stipend for every game, you're going to have pay your school's women's field hockey goalie the same amount.
Baseball is his favourite sport, although he has tried basketball and was a hockey goalie for many years.
It's not like a hockey goalie where you want the puck into your chest where you go down to get it.
The highs and lows of being a hockey goalie were never so apparent as they were in the two games.

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