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"hire goon" em português

hire goon
  • contratar goon

Exemplos de uso para "hire goon" em inglês

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Police also arrested the family members who hired the goons.
We have confirmed that people have actually hired goons to scare off our fishermen who are serving as members of the sea patrol.
They engage in a multiplicity of social evils such as corruption, misuse and wastefulness of public resources, for example by hiring goons to immobilise their opponents.
Contacted for comment, the legislators accused their rivals of hiring goons to heckle them at the rallies.
You can bribe people, buy votes, hire goons, influence judges' decisions, and so on.
The private banks are hiring goons for recovery of dues.
Can you imagine what will happen if we all start hiring goons to stop investigations against us?
Burgess said the politicians have hired goons to threaten him.
There have been instances where those sensing defeat have resorted to hiring goons to wreak havoc and intimidate opponents.

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