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"hiking gear" em português

hiking gear
  • Equipamento de caminhada

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There are many shops selling antiques, souvenirs, and hiking gear.
If you're not a regular outdoorsy type, camping and hiking gear are available to rent at the park's general stores for a fraction of the purchase price.
At 4 a.m., a group of strangers in hiking gear showed up at her house to join her.
You'll find happiness when you go shopping for hiking gear for the mountain, you'll find happiness in the snow, don't compartmentalise your happiness.
What made us suspicious was that they were not dressed in hiking gear and were watching people on the trail.
The resort's famous off-piste territory is easily reached by riding up the main lift or gondola and dipping over the edge -- no guides or hiking gear necessary.
The girl with him in the photo is dressed in hiking gear.
They had hiking gear, sleeping bags and other equipment to survive harsh conditions, he said.

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to put into gear verbo
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