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"high graduation rate" em português

high graduation rate
  • alta taxa de graduação

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Gibson suggested that the benefits of a high graduation rate are undercut if students are ill-prepared to advance into vocational training and higher education.
Of course universities should strive to maintain a high graduation rate, but not that high.
State records show a top-ranked district with a high graduation rate.
The easiest way for a college to have a high graduation rate -- 100 percent -- would be to hand the sheepskin to every student who walks in the door.
The impractical and unreasonable expectations placed on universities mean that the costs of achieving a high graduation rate are transferred to students.
The university has a high graduation rate, competitive salaries for recent graduates, and a very affordable price for a private education.
They try to find a balance between admitting more students and keeping a high graduation rate.
They've got a wonderful education system with a high graduation rate.
If a university has a low barrier to entry and still has high standards, they might not have a very high graduation rate.

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graduation substantivo
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