"hidden gem" tradução em português


"hidden gem" em português

hidden gem
  • gem escondida
  • joia escondida
hidden gems
  • gemas escondidas
  • joias escondidas

Exemplos de uso para "hidden gem" em inglês

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It could be a big hit, or a hidden gem, a coastal attraction or a city museum.
One of the greatest pleasures of overseas travel is uncovering a hidden gem.
There's a great view, it's quiet and totally a hidden gem.
With investor apartments still under $500,000 (in a suburb of average house price close to $2 million) most agree that it's a hidden gem.
Mohamedi passed away in 1990 and has remained a bit of a hidden gem in the modern art world.
This is a hidden gem in the cocktail scene, where you have to find the door bell to get in.
All the while pointing out where some of the hidden gem sales are hiding.
Pakistan is a hidden gem waiting to be rediscovered by tourists.
All over the globe are hidden gems, both natural and man-made, which can tempt the daredevil in each of us.
Some of them have become commercial success stories, some are hidden gems, but all are unique interpretations of traditional formulas.
A couple of the players were picked later in drafts but proved to be hidden gems.
They're looking to discover films that are little hidden gems.
There are many more gifts out there, but there are bound to be hidden gems that have yet to be covered.
Some of us haven't seen photos in much longer - and there could be hidden gems there from all the way back in 2005.
Roadtrippers caters to lots of interests, from sightseeing to eating, and includes curated descriptions of your path's hidden gems.
Having said that, the bottles with dust on in supermarkets are often hidden gems on the top shelf with a fairly hefty price tag.
It's a unique experience and truly one of 2016's hidden gems.
There will be hidden gems outside pay television in the long hot months ahead.

Traduções parecidas para hidden gem em Português

gem substantivo
hidden adjetivo
hidden agenda substantivo
to come out with a gem