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helium gas
  • gás hélio

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It's fortuitous (for helium at least) that the natural gas industry is booming, since it will easily supply many sources of helium gas.
Many industries need it for their running, but the air has only five parts per million of helium gas.
It is expected to be a greener alternative to air travel, since it is operator by helium gas.
The reactor is cooled by helium gas -- rather than water -- which can not become radioactive.
The reactor's primary coolant would be helium gas, with pressurized water in a secondary loop.
Final weights of all of the systems need to be made and the amount of helium gas to be used will be calculated.
It involves a rigid airframe and a membrane containing helium gas.
Chemical experts were called in to make sure it was safe to go into the building due to a large amount of helium gas inside.
As it begins to run low on fuel, instability within the star's core creates coughs of helium gas every few thousand years.

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