"heavy gear" tradução em português


"heavy gear" em português

heavy gear
  • engrenagens pesadas
  • engrenagem pesada

Exemplos de uso para "heavy gear" em inglês

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We went down a little gully for about 150 yards from the bivouacs and decided to leave our heavy gear there.
Sprinting, jumping, climbing and carrying heavy gear also play into this mechanic, with depletion of stamina leaving you helpless.
Despite our heavy gear, it's a blessing in disguise.
Police in heavy gear rode bicycles -- keeping a slow pace on either side of the marchers -- and watched closely.
Trawling -- dragging heavy gear over ocean bottoms in search of fish near the sea floor -- is arguably one of the most destructive human practices.
Use of this heavy gear has to be managed sustainably for the benefit of our seas and the coastal communities that rely on them.
A lot of it is hand held cameras, there are guys lugging heavy gear all day long.
Besides reproductive issues, returning female veterans also suffer from back, joint and muscle pain from carrying heavy gear.
There is a lot of heavy gear here for just a simple accident.
I found myself riding really well at this stage sitting in a heavy gear and powering along nicely tucked into the group.

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