"hear the grievance" tradução em português


"hear the grievance" em português

hear the grievance
  • ouvir a queixa
  • ouvir a reclamação

Exemplos de uso para "hear the grievance" em inglês

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Devoid of its previous ability to hear the grievances of individuals, this court will mean little to the average citizen.
It also requires judicial systems that work to hear the grievances of those most affected.
We have constituted a five-member committee to hear the grievances of the displaced people.
The government has already promised to establish a tribunal which will hear grievances of victims without the need for long and expensive court cases.
There are rules to be followed, departments to hear grievances, and punishments issued to offenders.
Why the local organisations were not invited to hear the grievances.
The tribunal heard the grievances of both sides and then decided there was a chance for reconciliation.
My government is always open to hearing the grievances of the police force.
Someone had to fill this enormous absence, hear grievances.
I always have time for hearing grievances of all, including industries.

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