"hear the gasp" tradução em português


"hear the gasp" em português

hear the gasp
  • ouvir o suspiro

Exemplos de uso para "hear the gasp" em inglês

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As the top of the roof begins to lift up, the onlooker filming the scene can be heard gasping in surprise.
Conspiracy is a play so strange and absurd that audience members can be heard gasping in disbelief, but still leave the theatre bearing grins from ear to ear.
They have shared a video showing this shocking exercise, and in it, onlookers can be heard gasping in shock and disbelief.
In the video after the collision he can be heard gasping for air as he lies in the road.
The child could be heard gasping for breath in the 911 call, police said.
You may think this is a woman's movie, particularly if you happened to catch the preview in a theater and heard gasps and catcalls from the females in attendance.
I felt my head snap back and heard the gasps of everyone there.
I can already hear the gasps in the background and imagine horrified eyes!

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