"heap of garbage" tradução em português


"heap of garbage" em português

heap of garbage
  • pilha de lixo
  • monte de lixo

Exemplos de uso para "heap of garbage" em inglês

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Accompanying them were a pair of overflowing shopping carts and, nearby, sat a heap of garbage.
But strangely enough, they both felt that there was still love between them, buried under a heap of garbage, so they decided to go for marital counseling.
In this work, she has painted some children going to school even as a poor girl sits by the side of a heap of garbage, pen and book in hand.
On the opposite side of the road, a man is frying fish and behind him is a heap of garbage.
To start with, a heap of garbage welcomes you even as destitutes reside near the main gate.
Life with aunty taught me how to fish for valuables even in the heap of garbage.
She also instructed them on taking measures to control fires that continue to rage in the trenching ground due to the combustible gases that emanate from the heap of garbage.
Moreover, the heap of garbage on the roadside is set on fire.

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