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"healthy gene" em português

healthy gene
  • gene saudável

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He's found a way to introduce a healthy gene into the inner ear while the animal is in the womb.
The gene replacement therapy works by injecting a virus that delivers a healthy gene into the brain.
We would only use offspring that had inherited the chromosome with the healthy gene.
They argue that constructing a wall would stop the dispersal of wild animals from national parks to adjoining forest areas, which is crucial to maintaining a healthy gene pool.
As long as one partner does not have the defective gene, then the healthy gene is dominant.
Researchers restored the hearing of deaf mice by injecting a virus carrying the healthy gene into their inner ears.
The virus infects muscle cells with a copy of a healthy gene and a one-off treatment is effective.
Furthermore, those with a high healthy gene score continued to maintain that score, as well as superior cognitive and renal function, over a period of 12 years.
Patients inhale a virus, delivered via a nebuliser, which contains the healthy gene and ensures it reaches the cells in the lungs where it is needed.

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