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"head gardener" em português

head gardener
  • jardineiro cabeça

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Gardens can vary from large ones, with a head gardener, to small ones, looked after by the owner.
It is also very much a personal reflection of the challenges and changes over the years from the point of view of a head gardener.
The estate manager, head gardener and housekeeper tagged along to determine who would most harmoniously fit within the team.
And today her moving secret mission to be buried with her son is finally revealed by the son of the cemetery head gardener who helped her achieve her dying wish.
So the head gardener gave me a suspension for a week.
The head gardener told me thatthey cut it no fewer than five times a year to keepit crisp.
Most employers wanted couples: the wife as the housekeeper, the husband as head gardener/chauffeur.
Sivan is the head gardener of the residential area.
Herbert, along with some business partners, has owned the home since 1980, and volunteered to be the head gardener even before he owned it.
To achieve continuity you need a head gardener who's going to hang around for a long time and an owner who can plan with them.

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