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"hauling gear" em português

hauling gear
  • artes de transporte
  • engrenagem de transporte

Exemplos de uso para "hauling gear" em inglês

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We were sleeping on their floors, hauling gear up and down apartments, all sorts of stuff.
At least 13 sherpas died when a block of ice tore loose from the mountain and triggered a cascade that ripped through teams of guides hauling gear.
The men hauling gear could easily burn 8,000 to 10,000 calories in a single day.
Darlene remembers hauling gear for seven or eight hours, double the time they take to do it now.
So you can't get very far hauling gear again because here come the whales.
Mules, often employed by trekkers for hauling gear, also leave their waste behind.
That said, its designers seem particularly stoked about its use on ski hills, for duties such as patrolling, hauling gear or performing rescues.
One gets to meet a lot of musicians hauling gear into practicing rooms, or while taking breaks and hanging out outside the practicing space and going to gigs.

Traduções parecidas para hauling gear em Português

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to put into gear verbo
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