"haul the garbage" tradução em português


"haul the garbage" em português

haul the garbage
  • transportar o lixo

Exemplos de uso para "haul the garbage" em inglês

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It is suspected some people are charging neighbours to haul garbage.
It might be an especially effective way to haul garbage.
Or pulling weeds from parking lots and hauling garbage out of alleyways?
They will be the one to haul the garbage from the temporary transfer station to which authorized landfill they will bring it.
They should be responsible for hauling the garbage away.
They may be good at hauling garbage but perform home renos at a level well below satisfactory.
Taylor, who has more than 30 years experience, said it had become commonplace for fishermen to haul garbage from the ocean.
Voting 11-6, the council decided to stop hauling garbage to the facility.
They were already here hauling garbage out very early in the morning, probably around dawn.
He said the trucks hauling the garbage are the size of municipal garbage trucks and drivers have speed restrictions placed on them.

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