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"hanging gardens" em português

hanging gardens
  • jardins suspensos
  • jardins pendurados

Exemplos de uso para "hanging gardens" em inglês

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Many of the new buildings will include hanging gardens, lush landscaping, open courtyards to promote natural ventilation and offices lit mainly by sunlight during the day.
The building's key features include hanging gardens, a cantilevered heliostat, an internal water recycling plant and low-carbon tri-generation power plant.
It will have 130 apartments, and includes hanging gardens running up the tower, which will top out at about 50 metres tall.
Third, high-rise office buildings and condos, malls, and low-rise buildings with flat concrete roofs should be encouraged to develop roof gardens, terrace gardens or hanging gardens.
A new trend we see are hanging gardens which are a spin off of the living wall concept.
Views to the ocean are framed by palms and frangipani trees, while the hotel's courtyards are softened by hanging gardens.
Let's put plants on them instead, creating mini hanging gardens that can purify air and give us a break from a constant barrage of words and pictures.
It is set under an enormous overhanging roof and is surrounded by thin, elegant supporting columns, and a series of suspended columns that are elaborately planted: quite literally hanging gardens.
The hanging gardens, swimming pools, ayurvedic spa and heritage rooms make it ideal for weekend getaways, weddings and conferences.
There are air plants attached to the wall with steel prongs, air plants grouped together in hanging gardens, air plants suspended from the ceiling like mistletoe.

Exemplos de uso para "hanging gardens" em português

EnglishHanging gardens” round off the concept.
Os “jardins suspensos” completam o conceito.

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gardens substantivo
hanging substantivo
botanical gardens substantivo
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hanging on verbo
botanic gardens substantivo
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