"handy guide" tradução em português


"handy guide" em português

handy guide
  • guia prático
  • guia útil

Exemplos de uso para "handy guide" em inglês

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It is a handy guide for beginners in birdwatching and also to the scientific community.
It's a handy guide for life and makes everything easier for everyone.
Oh, and if you're a parent buying this delightful game for your rug rats, here's a handy guide for you!
As a handy guide, we offer our annual list of the year's heroes and villains...
But if you haven't yet dipped your toe into the new format, we've provided you with a handy guide.
We've got a handy guide, to help inform that decision.
Below is a handy guide that tells you what to buy based on your gaming needs.
I've come up with a handy guide that you can reference when you desperately want to drop into conversation that you've lost 3lbs.

Traduções parecidas para handy guide em Português

handy adjetivo
guide substantivo
to guide verbo
tour guide substantivo