"handy gadget" tradução em português


"handy gadget" em português

handy gadget
  • gadget prático
  • gadget útil

Exemplos de uso para "handy gadget" em inglês

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This handy gadget is like a rapidly spreading virus that everyone has caught.
While seeing everyone attached to their smartphones is a normal occurrence, researchers reveal that feeling anxious when separated with this handy gadget is already a disorder.
A handy gadget for taking notes in lectures or presentations is this digital video and still camera pen.
It is a great leveller and a handy gadget for those who want to reach out to a large audience.
But when this little handy gadget was launched, it became a huge hit, and all the others were sidelined in an instant.
Aviator4468 does feel it's "a very handy gadget" to have in your living room or kitchen.
This handy gadget organizes up to 14 keys into one convenient, sleek package.
Here is a potentially handy gadget for a home office.
This handy gadget features a telescopic arm, extending up to 5 inches to provide extra viewing angles.
Core the tomatoes using a tomato shark, a handy gadget that is like a scoop with teeth, available at any kitchen store.

Traduções parecidas para handy gadget em Português

handy adjetivo
gadget substantivo