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"hallowed ground" em português

hallowed ground
  • solo santificado
  • solo sagrado

Exemplos de uso para "hallowed ground" em inglês

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Full of pride and passion, fearless men and women have dedicated their lives to magnificent scopes, spilling tears and sweat on hallowed ground.
I was not allowed to go to the funeral as he could not be buried on hallowed ground.
The sound is just gorgeous -- you know you are on hallowed ground.
It is hallowed ground, a place where history was made some 54 years back.
To see where it all began, this is hallowed ground.
Bolton considers newly discovered sonar images of two sunken ships proof of this hallowed ground.
What kinds of buildings are forbidden in this hallowed ground?
On the one hand, these schools are hallowed ground.
I feel genuinely privileged to be on such hallowed ground.

Traduções parecidas para hallowed ground em Português

hallowed adjetivo
ground substantivo
ground adjetivo
to ground verbo
breeding ground substantivo
parade ground substantivo