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"gymnastics competition" em português

gymnastics competition
  • competição de ginástica

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She has a chance to go five-for-five if she can win the individual beam and floor exercise events when the gymnastics competition closes out over the next two days.
That event was a championship meet - a bigger caliber event in gymnastics competition.
They understand they're the underdogs of the gymnastics competition, but that's just fine with them.
The following day saw seven little girls, who train nine hours a week, compete in their very first gymnastics competition.
My daughter did look beautiful at her gymnastics competition.
When our daughter does well at her gymnastics competition or on a spelling test, we praise her for practicing, stretching herself and trying her best.
She also loved gymnastics and had recently won a national gymnastics competition.
In this regatta, it is open season on pumping, rocking and ouching so it is like a gymnastics competition downwind.
Cycling, wrestling, basketball and volleyball are all scheduled for today, with individual gymnastics competition and track and field events to be broadcast tonight.
The men's gymnastics competition gets underway with the qualification round.

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