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"gymnastics clubs" em português

gymnastics clubs
  • clubes de ginástica

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Hunter region gymnastics clubs have been told about the theft of thousands of dollars by a volunteer official within the sport.
Due to safety concerns, many schools have removed their equipment, forcing school teams to practice at local gymnastics clubs and that makes it quite difficult for these athletes to train.
The court heard noone at any of the gymnastics clubs knew of his past or the order he was subject to over the three-year duration he was working there.
But we're also represented by 1,500 gymnastics clubs across the country.
Following discussions with area figure skating and gymnastics clubs, the original focus of the business took a turn.
Gymnastics clubs must meet specific guidelines of provincial and national federations about what's acceptable when it comes to trampoline use.
Foam pits at gymnastics clubs are usually around six to eight feet deep, he said.

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