"gym equipment" tradução em português


"gym equipment" em português

gym equipment
  • equipamento de ginástica

Exemplos de uso para "gym equipment" em inglês

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Gymtrack's system installs aftermarket onto any existing piece of gym equipment, and allows for members to wear their existing smartwatches.
The exhibition comprises 72 works, and they include images of gym equipment, bulging biceps and buff bodies.
There will also be running tracks, outdoor gym equipment and a hand-cycle course, as well as fishing and canoeing in the lake.
While she has some great gym equipment at home, the star admits that much of the time she doesn't bother with it.
Freckleton said that some furnishings, including gym equipment, would also be suitable for the recreation area.
The applications for tube laser are vast - from office furniture to balustrades, gym equipment and bicycles - to stadiums and architectural structures.
Pistorius complained about his gym equipment, so they changed that as well.
As the club continues to expand, they hope to include gym equipment in the future.
However, according to a recent study, the vibrations mean you can lose 50% more weight than people using more conventional gym equipment.

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gym substantivo
equipment substantivo
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