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"gym clothes" em português

gym clothes
  • roupas de ginástica

Exemplos de uso para "gym clothes" em inglês

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I came to the lunch 40 minutes late in gym clothes, purely for the free food.
Roth appeared on the show in gym clothes, as though he had just jogged onto set from a run.
See, if you're living in gym clothes, normal undies won't cut it.
It is important that you chose the right kind of gym clothes.
We share with you how to choose the right kind of gym clothes.
Disinfect machines before and after use, wash your hands regularly, don't walk around barefoot and change out of your gym clothes immediately after your workout.
The first and probably most obvious rule is to make sure that you wash your gym clothes immediately after taking them off.
Just make sure your gym clothes are appropriately stylish, and the colors match for the most part.
Your gym clothes are probably the smelliest items in your basket.
Do remember to wash your gym clothes and not on a bi-monthly basis.

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clothes substantivo
gym substantivo
ready to wear clothes substantivo
to iron clothes verbo
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plain clothes substantivo
off-the-peg clothes substantivo
to wear clothes verbo
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