"gust of air" tradução em português


"gust of air" em português

gust of air
  • rajada de ar

Exemplos de uso para "gust of air" em inglês

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Frankie floats one last time on a gust of air, then lifts her wings, extends her talons and lands on my fist.
The plywood snapped back into its original position, shutting the entrance with a gust of air.
There's a lot more that goes into producing human vocalizations than just the dual flaps of your larynx and a gust of air.
When a gust of air touched the coffins, the spell casting aroma took everyone's fancy.
A gust of air wheezes through the tunnels whenever a train passes by.
Then a gust of air rolls along the ascending curve of the hill, making me shiver as it passes.
Regardless of the iconic moment when her white dress billows up with the gust of air from a passing subway train, she captivates.
The gust of air seemed to blast away the pain and within minutes the hubby was good as new.
The gravity exerted by the user pulls the piston through a pulley block, and a gust of air is generated through air extrusion.

Traduções parecidas para gust of air em Português

air adjetivo
air substantivo
gust substantivo
of preposição
gust of wind substantivo