"gush forth" tradução em português


"gush forth" em português

gush forth
  • jorrar para a frente
  • jorrar para diante

Exemplos de uso para "gush forth" em inglês

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He considers his mind as sharp as ever, and a fount of ideas continues to gush forth.
Hungrily, she caught what gushed forth and grinned, wanting more.
What about blood gushing forth from cuts and wounds?
Occasionally praise gushes forth; more frequently abrasive criticism.
After a few hours of sloshing around in the bottom of a golf bag in 90-degree heat, a warm geyser of froth gushed forth.
The saint prayed for water and a spring gushed forth from the earth in answer to his petition.
It gushes forth from the depths naturally, full of tenderness and compassion, indulgence and mercy.
Suddenly, the shackles fell away and the songs -- vivid, rebellious and determinedly not middle-aged -- started gushing forth.
What a month gushing forth with the wellspring of imagination!

Exemplos de uso para "gush forth" em português

EnglishAnd they say, "We will by no means believe in you, until you cause to gush forth for us a fountain from the earth;.
E dizem: Não creremos em ti, a menos que nos faças brotar um manancial da terra,
EnglishAnd We caused a river to gush forth therein.
Ele disse ao seu vizinho: Sou mais rico do que tu e tenho mais poderio.
EnglishAnd We caused water to gush forth from the land in springs; so the waters gathered together and rose according to a measure already ordained.
E fizemos brotar fontes da terra, e ambas as águas se encontraram na medida predestinada.

Traduções parecidas para gush forth em Português

forth advérbio
gush substantivo
to bring forth verbo
to call forth verbo
to put forth verbo
to come forth verbo