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guitar style
  • estilo guitarra
  • estilo de guitarra

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As well as clever rhythmic playing, his guitar style included slapping its body, playing it between his legs and behind his back.
Shredding through a solo that encompasses his trademark guitar style, and stamping it all over the single's emphatic breakdown.
He's been studying one guitar style or another since age five.
I brought my guitar style, that kind of heaviness.
His percussive guitar style and high-energy foot stomping (kick and snare) make for a big sound.
He was getting into the folkie kind of guitar style.
To play that guitar style and to play it well takes a long time.
Give me a sense of how your guitar style came together, and then how it changed over time.
So, he had to develop this guitar style that was like playing bass and guitar at the same time to compensate for me.

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