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"guitar sound" em português

guitar sound
  • som de guitarra

Exemplos de uso para "guitar sound" em inglês

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My baby brother could play and make a guitar sound like birds singing.
Tim (our guitarist) puts a bit of effort into making the guitar sound mint.
Your guitar sound is interesting because it sounds part really processed and part organic.
Do you know of any shortcuts that would help me get closer to my ideal guitar sound?
Especially enterprising are the drumbeats that blend oh-so-well with the guitar sound and the vocals.
The piano mics fell on to the piano strings, that's what the guitar sound was.
Richards built on the legacy of his idols to perfect a guitar sound that spawned countless imitators, and he continues to do so today.
Tick is a song about biological clocks set to a guitar sound resembling a buzzing insect.
The bass and drums tug you along through a sonically fuzzy guitar sound that is as dark as midnight in the mountains.

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