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guitar solo
  • solo de guitarra

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And heck, if it isn't followed by a guitar solo.
And in a lot of today's music, if there's a guitar solo, it's just a reinstatement of the melody.
The only other thing that's middle is the middle eight, which could be a guitar solo, or it could be different modulating parts.
This is great when you are recording alternate takes of a guitar solo, for example.
The guitar solo that starts the track is worth the price of admission alone.
Then there's the 4:23 kickoff of the guitar solo that leads the song out in a powerfully rocking but achingly ominous conclusion.
Every drum fill, guitar solo, vocal hook, bass line, and keyboard riff were identical; to the point of being boring.
It starts with two verses, then a chorus, a middle eight, a chorus, guitar solo, breakdown, double chorus and half a verse as an outro.
I mean, any guitar solo should reflect the music that it's soloing over and not just be existing in its own sort of little world.
Hugely unorthodox in structure, the guitar solo starts after one verse and one bridge.

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