"guitar pick" tradução em português


"guitar pick" em português

guitar pick
  • picareta de guitarra
  • escolha de guitarra

Exemplos de uso para "guitar pick" em inglês

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But not just any peso - this one's a guitar pick.
He didn't use a guitar pick, relying instead on the instinctive feel of his thumb.
He was so kind and gave me a guitar pick... lovely people... amazing band... what more could you want... ill be seeing them play in portsmouth soon too.
The strings are mostly open-tuned, so power chords can happen, especially when a sudden takeoff turns a claw into a guitar pick.
Use guitar picks again, and gently work from the inside of the screen for better leverage.
There are so many little costs involved like guitar picks and maintenance kits.
Only once was he spotted dropping his guitar pick in the process.
Grab a handful of guitar picks to help crack open the case, and tweezers to make fine movements.
They eliminated the series' color-coded, five-button system in favor of mirroring icons displayed on screen, with guitar picks pointing up and down.
Fast guitar picking and simple relationship dynamics -- nothing too morose or emotionally trying...

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