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"guitar music" em português

guitar music
  • música de guitarra

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I wasn't interested in songs at that time as most of the guitar music that accompanied them were basic chords.
But there isn't too much guitar music around right now that feels radical or innovative.
At a time when sales of guitar music have slumped, they appear to be almost single-handedly keeping the world of rock and roll alive.
Guitars were plugged directly into computers to remain quiet for neighbors while recording, but this is loud and energetic guitar music on record.
There have been many think-pieces about "guitar music" declining or its relevance taking a back seat to other styles and genres of music.
However, the band argue in the time that they've been away, rock and guitar music has seen a sharp decline.
It just feels like the tide is not with guitar music.
Little did they know that it would become a milestone in the history of guitar music and inspire a generation of new bands.
Every time people say guitar music is dead, it comes back stronger.
Around 1,000 guitarists from across the nation will come together and play live guitar music and pray for the peace of the world.

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