"guitar lessons" tradução em português


"guitar lessons" em português

guitar lessons
  • aulas de guitarra
  • aulas de violão

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From dance fiestas to beach games and guitar lessons, there's plenty to keep couples entertained.
She is doing ballet, performing arts, swimming and guitar lessons - she's making up for lost time.
We also have a number of rooms to cater for our music workshops, office, practice room, drum and guitar lessons, etc.
Sukumaran has also arranged for creative writing and guitar lessons for prisoners.
Kenny noted that his goal is to offer guitar lessons, instruction and product reviews, among other things.
Lennon does guitar lessons in school, and fancies himself as a bit of a singer.
The aspiring young musician has been taking guitar lessons since he was five.
Szpakowski also taught guitar lessons in music classes and played at masses and other school functions.
Inside, a musical therapist is preparing guitar lessons and a music appreciation classes.

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