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"guitar hooks" em português

guitar hooks
  • ganchos de guitarra

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It has such a catchy melody with the loud thumping drums, and guitar hooks that give it that extra edge.
Sadly, it's surprisingly low on the guitar hooks that drive the former and the vocal melodies that make the latter work.
It's a buffet of bits and bobs -- sticky guitar hooks accompanied by peculiar and distinct lyrics that border on quirky poetry.
The choruses were arms in the air joyous, the guitar hooks big and beefy.
Their sound combines sixties fuzz guitar hooks and an explosive rhythm section.
His dance movements were perfectly befitting his boxy white shoes as his band dispensed dorm-room seductions with a little echo and a few radio-friendly guitar hooks.
Their sound is typified by fast guitar hooks, frenetic drumming and aggressive vocals.
The self-referential lyrics are simultaneously dense and meaningless, coupled with guitar hooks that make you want to learn to play.
If anything, they'd improved their knack for rollicking guitar hooks.

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