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"guitar controller" em português

guitar controller
  • controlador de guitarra

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Sadly, the guitar controller was way too expensive to make, and was difficult to get right.
If that doesn't sound interesting enough, the game is playable with a guitar controller as well as the standard gamepad.
The guitar controller is a real electric guitar.
However, by pairing an intuitive plastic guitar controller with the on-screen action, it was here that we first saw the two mediums successfully collide with chart-topping results.
What blew me away in the presentation was not the new guitar controller believe it or not, as impressive as it is.
Activision is expected to release more body parts for the guitar controller in the future, although it has yet to announce pricing for the standalone controller or individual parts.
After all, you played the original guitar controller by pressing five buttons on the neck and strumming a bar that looked like a big light switch.

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