"guilty plea" tradução em português


"guilty plea" em português

guilty plea
  • alegação de culpa
  • Culpado
guilty pleasure
  • prazer culpado

Exemplos de uso para "guilty plea" em inglês

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Before the three men were finally freed, they had to enter a guilty plea.
He said that a plea of no contest "is like accepting a guilty plea" and was the same as a conviction.
Where an agreement is reached with respect to a guilty plea, it is presented to the presiding judge who may accept or set it aside.
Burgess however gets 25% off for entering an early guilty plea, meaning he finishes with 67 points.
He asked the court to take into account his client's early guilty plea.
She gave the business a discount on the maximum penalty because of the early guilty plea.
He reduced it by a quarter as credit for the guilty plea, making the final sentence one of three years.
In regular courts-martial, sentencing proceedings typically begin immediately after the acceptance of the guilty plea.
Regardless, she was thrilled with her attacker's guilty plea, according to the supporter, whose name remained suppressed by the court.
He also gave him credit for his immediate guilty plea.
Eat it delicately, and hopefully silently, like a guilty pleasure.
It definitely appeals to the guys, even if they see it as a guilty pleasure.
My generation made indulgence into a duty, and duty into a guilty pleasure.
She's exactly what you'd call a guilty pleasure.
So, they're my... it's truly like a guilty pleasure.
It is something of a guilty pleasure for me, as it is for many people.
What sounded like a gimmick just five months ago is fast becoming a guilty pleasure for hundreds of thousands of young girls around the world.
Do you have a guilty pleasure when it comes to food?

Exemplos de uso para "guilty plea" em português

EnglishDoes that mean you're changing your plea to guilty?
Significa que está mudando sua alegação para culpado.

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